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Marshall Ranch Update

Marshall ranch is the current name of the project being proposed for the Marshall Tract, a 37.7 acre tract of land in the City of Austin that is adjacent on two sides to Lost Creek. It is currently zoned SF-2 (single family residential). The land…

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Marshall Ranch

On April 16, 2014 I created a new web site (in the form of a blog) to share information about the proposed development of the Marshall Tract in Lost Creek. It can be found here. There are 84 posts on the blog. The blog can be searched for topics.

I have done a considerable amount of research on the proposed development that I want to share with you. The blog is factual and I will strive to keep my opinions out of it. If I knowingly expressed an opinion, I marked it as such.

All of my past research is collected on a Google Drive that you can access, in addition to the blog. Access is provided via a matrix and all of the elements in the matrix are linked to more detailed articles. This research explored various options potentially available to the developer. This exhaustive research was undertaken because we did not know what Cousins would eventually propose.

Please use this forum to ask questions and enter into discussions exploring the issues you think are important to the community.

Paul Schumann

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Marshall Tract Development