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Loop 360 is one of the last hill country roadways with some beautiful vistas. however, it has become one of the most congested roads in Austin, especially at "rush" hours.

Zoning Map of Loop 360
The maps are color coded. The most important ones for this exercise are:
Single Family - Large Lot (SF1): Medium Purple
Single Family - Standard Lot (SF2): Medium Brown
Family Residence: Light Brown
LO - Limited Office: Pale Purple
PUD - Planned Unit Development: Grey
I-RR - Interim Rural Residence: Deep Purple

I've kept a Facebook page on Loop 360 issues since November 15, 2011. You can the read about the history of development of the land along the road way and attempts to improve it over the last 3.5 years.

Now, TxDOT is conducting a study of Loop 360 and is seeking citizen inputs. "Loop 360 provides primary access to far west Austin, acting as a thoroughfare for residents and as a commuter route for those living and working along the highway and those passing through. It provides access to a major Lake Austin boat ramp as well as Travis County greenbelts. The scenic highway is also a popular recreational bike route.

In 2013, Loop 360 was the 64th most congested road in Texas with over 141,000 annual hours of delay per mile. The most recent traffic data shows the most heavily traveled point near south MoPac averaged nearly 75,000 cars per day.

A corridor improvement study is currently underway to identify problems and potential short and long-term solutions for Loop 360 from US 290/SH 71 to MoPac (Loop 1).

To read my response to this study on behalf of Lost Creek, click  here.

Please join us in this forum, It's not too late for new ideas and discussion of older ideas.

Paul Schumann

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