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The cranes crowding Austin’s skyline reveal that the city is growing quickly. But is it growing in a sustainable way? And what policies and strategies can city leaders adopt to ensure that it does?

These are some of the questions that a…

Our Plan for the Future

Imagine Austin is our plan for the future. Adopted by City Council in June 2012, flip through the full comprehensive plan (PDF).

Download Growth Concept Map Series

Just interested in the highlights? Read the Vision and Priority Programs in action.

You may also want to read about the idea of transforming Austin into a city of complete communities or background documents.

Imagine Austin - Set Your Priorities

Image Austin: IATX Meetup

We believe model cities for the 21st Century will emerge, and why not Austin? As we pursue the community vision and goals of Imagine Austin for a more vibrant, livable, connected city, how can we best navigate inescapable change in our city (and the world), and be intentional about preserving the essence of Austin that we love? Meet up to learn tangible actions by the City and connect with others contributing to the “intangibles” that make up the soul of Austin. If you believe that collectively we can do more, this Imagine Austin Meetup is for you!

Imagine Austin

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