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by Adam Hammons, Tuesday, September 26th 2017, CBS Austin (KEYE)

"A West Austin neighborhood is fighting to slow down traffic on their own street, and they’re working on their own to get the city’s attention.

There is just one street to get in and out of the Lost Creek neighborhood. Lost Creek Boulevard spans from Loop 360 to Barton Creek Blvd. Homeowners say that street has become dangerous.

“Now we have turned into something akin to a highway,” homeowner Sandy Kerr said.

Kerr lives off Lost Creek, and says speed has become a major problem over the years. Years ago, a teenager rolled over and crashed on the edge of her yard. One teen was killed.
That crash is why she planted a palm tree in the spot where the car went into the yard.

“When you see someone die in your front yard, it makes you creative,” Kerr said. “I just didn’t want to have that happen again.”

Recently, phone apps have brought even more cars on the street. That’s because at times the road can be used as a cut-through to get around traffic on Bee Cave or Loop 360.
That traffic doesn’t include just cars.

“These are vehicles that have no business in a neighborhood,” Kerr said.
Commercial trucks also rumble through the neighborhood. Kerr said they shake her house and she’s seen several 18 wheelers she believes have no business with homeowners in the area.

“I think it’s a big issue, I think it’s a big safety issue for the neighborhood,” Paul Schumann with the Lost Creek Civic Organization said.
Schumann has been working with the City of Austin on ways to slow down traffic. The Transportation Department said it’s been talking with homeowners and is working on a speed mitigation solution.

Schumann also wants to point out how big of a problem is trucks going through the neighborhood. That’s why he’s asked all homeowners to help out.
“I sort of enlisted the neighborhood,” Schumann said.

He’s asked everyone to report if they see a commercial truck on Lost Creek Boulevard. If any look like they have no business in the area, then homeowners can go online, fill out a couple questions and even submit a picture.

Schumann said he’s doing this partly because he doesn’t think the city is going fast enough.

“Trying to get their focus on it is always an issue,” Schumann said.

“We’re hoping that this will give them an incentive to show that we’re really interested in it and here’s what we’ve observed maybe we can convince them to do the study legitimately,” Schumann said.

Schumann would like a sign installed that says no truck traffic.

ATD says the speed mitigation program does not include ways to stop truck traffic. They’re just looking at installing speed bumps or other ways to slow traffic.
Kerr said she will help count truck traffic. She says it adds to a problem she knows all too well.

“If it happened just once it might be a freak accident, but if it has happened time after time after time, then something needs to be done,” Kerr said."

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Through Truck Survey on Lost Creek Blvd.

As you may already know, we are working with Austin's Traffic Department to make recommendations for calming traffic on Lost Creek Blvd. They have made a presentation to the neighborhood and gathered some comments from people. We are waiting for them to come back to us with a recommendation.

In the meantime, I want to gather some anecdotal information of trucks using Lost Creek Blvd. as a low traffic short cut. Please join in reporting any truck you suspect is not making a delivery or service call in Lost Creek on the boulevard. We will not be able to stop through traffic, like they did at Rob Roy, but we may be able to get the city to make a study of the through traffic and prevent through commercial traffic.

Fill out the survey with as much information as you have or want to give. none of the questions require an answer.

Click here to report a through truck sighting.

Purpose: To estimate the number of trucks driving through Lost Creek

Time: September 2017

Report any truck you may believe is not making a delivery or service call in Lost Creek

Safely gather as much information as you can.

Take a picture if you can.

Complete survey and send picture to

Answer as many questions as you can


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Traffic Safety Resources for Neighborhoods

  • During ReZoning ask Austin Transportation for Sight Distance limits and Traffic Speed Data to assess 1) the percent of speeders and 2) if drivers have enough sight distance to protect themselves from traffic.
  • Comment in the CodeNext Land Development Code.

  • Imagine Austin states in Vision Zero that safety should be in Land Use Development Standards, but it is missing 

  • Performance-Based Practical Design - if you are into safety and traffic management details you can find a brief overview here.

  • Find Crash data for your area

I have asked the city to provide speaker(s) on this subject for Lost Creek Blvd. for our meeting on August 3rd. Stay tuned for more information.

The latest data I have for traffic on Lost Creek Blvd. was in 2013.

These data were taken by Quality Traffic Data LLC on July 9, 2013 (non school data)

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