LCCO General Meeting,October 1, 2015

The Lost Creek Civic Organization held its second general meeting on October 1, 2015, with 19 people attending. The slides used in the meeting are shown below:

Our guest speaker, Carol Gibbs, Neighborhood Advisor, provided an outline and links to various important functions in the city. (A Word version with active links for your reference can be viewed and downloaded here.) These are shown below:

Here are some websites to check out and possibly bookmark/publish for future reference.

City of Austin Home Page:

  • COUNCIL BRIEFINGS” button: - Orientation sessions presented by Dept. Directors to the 9 new Councilmembers (plus one returning CM, MPT Tovo) & Mayor Adler in February 2015.

  • Subscribe to Austin Notes – departmental email blasts

City Council: - many links to other resources:

Office of the City Manager – upper level structure of City management

Quick Primer on Development Related Information

General Website Navigation & Search Tips:

  • Black bar across top of every page – static content

  • Logo at top of every webpage links you back to

  • 5 “portals” across the top of each page, each with several ‘branches’, that then have more ‘branches’

  • Grey panel buttons on the left side of the screen – navigation varies by department

  • Grey bar across the bottom: content is consistent across all City pages: Website Feedback, Public Records Search

  • TOP CONTENT on each page = most frequently used pages, varies

  • CONTACT INFO –on right side; most departments also post their Organization Chart

  • Searching on CoA websites: go to and search for “City of Austin” + your search text

Carol Gibbs, Neighborhood Advisor

Neighborhood Assistance Center

Planning & Zoning Department


Carol Gibbs is one of two “Neighborhood Advisors” hired in March of 2009 for the newly-formed “Neighborhood Assistance Center” in what is now the City’s Planning & Zoning Department. She’s a native Central Texan, growing up in Georgetown & Seguin. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from UT Austin in 1979, and like most UT grads, never left!

Carol has lived in the South Lamar Neighborhood since 1981, joining the South Lamar Neighborhood Association when it was formed in 2001. She served in various officer positions during the first several years, including President 2005-2006. She participated in the South Lamar Combined Neighborhood Plan process, which was eventually suspended in 2007. She credits all her neighborhood volunteer experience, which included many negotiations with various developers, for having prepared her for what she calls her “dream job” as a Neighborhood Advisor.   

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