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  • Glad that we asked Bobby to come out & speak. Great presentation by an impressive young man. You could read through it & amend your resolution accordingly. I can see it's not amended yet; we're a "Dark Sky" "Development of Distinction", not a "Dark Skies" "community", and there are no remaining properties zoned RR. Update, please; some of this dates back to last fall. What Bobby said includes a lot of the same stuff already said, but maybe now that you hear it from Bobby too, you'll perhaps be more convinced. Once you edit your resolution, I think you'll be better able to hone in on what you want. For one thing, decide your Ask re the Community Bldg. You know that ADUs in LC will require participation in the Affordable Housing program. Since that makes them rather DOA, you can concentrate on Sub-division. The greenbelts and condos are good now. If we work together, we can continue tweaking CN to get the best product we can. It is going to pass--prob. 7-4; it's not going to be voted on by the public; and even if it were voted on by the citizenry, it would still pass. This is my opinion of course, but so far--see the recent City Council vote 10-6. Thus, with my beliefs, I'd like to see you put all the energy you expend in fighting it into making it a better product. You have my notes--I say let's drop vague comments like "CodeNEXT is too long!" and instead figure out what we want for Lost Creek and ask for that--preferably together. It was good to see one of you attend a COA Hearing & speak; I spoke at the same one. I'd like to see more LC'ers come out!! It's not too late...but winter IS coming. 

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