About Us

Like many other communities, the role of the Lost Creek Civic Organization is to act as governmental liaison on issues related to the quality of life and economic welfare of the neighborhood (City, County, EISD, and State), and to conduct research, facilitate conversations and decide positions on those issues.

The goals of the LCCO are to:

  • Seek to engage all landowners (residences and office buildings) within its geographic area on civic issues important to the community
  • Help the community become good citizens of Austin
  • Promote good relations with political leaders, staff, and media
  • Be known as the organization to go to for civic information or issues affecting our community
  • Be knowledgeable on all issues affecting the community and proactive in learning about and addressing these issues
  • Be a viable organization with sustained volunteerism
  • Encourage civic and civil engagement

The characteristics of the LCCO will be:

  • Incorporated, will apply for non profit - IRC 501(c)(4) - status
  • Volunteer based
  • All land owners (residences and office buildings) within the geographic territory are members. Home owners have the right to vote and hold office.
  • There will be no dues. All funds are from voluntary contribution or fund raising as permitted by IRC 501(c)(4)
  • A loose, open and inclusive organization
  • Utilize social media heavily but no abandonment of e-mail or physical mail
  • Be known to governments and media as the liaison to Lost Creek for civic issues.
  • At least one physical meeting or virtual meeting per quarter with featured outside speakers
  • Adopt minimum required formality during internal or external meetings
  • Foster relationships with all neighborhood organizations in Lost Creek in order to share plans and priorities
  • Foster community conversations on important issues
  • Publish a calendar of civic events important to Lost Creek
  • Provide access to information about civic issues affecting the community

Examples of Projects
Some examples of projects are:

  • Loop 360
  • Marshall Tract
  • CodeNext
  • Lost Creek Future Land Use Map
  • Lost Creek Master Plan
  • Mass Transit
  • Imagine Austin
  • Jurisdictional liaison (City, County, State)
  • Bee Caves Rd Improvements
  • MOPAC South Improvements
  • EISD Bond Programs
  • Fire in greenbelt protection in areas not covered by Lost Creek Limited District
  • Etc.

Geographic Boundaries
The geographic boundaries are:

  • Loop 360 Capital of Texas Highway to the east;
  • a line from Loop 360 at 30.287290,-97.827255 (1) to 30.288004,-97.832662 (2) to 30.288550,-97.832641 (3) to30.290236,-97.843541 (4) to the north;
  • Barton Creek to the Lost Creek Country Club (included) and back to Barton Creek to 30.271632,-97.831686 (5) to the west and;
  • a line from Barton Creek to 30.276432,-97827448 (6) at Loop 360 (7) in the city of Austin, Texas and Travis County, Texas.

Note: (N) refer to points on the map below.

Officers and Board (Interim)

  • President – Paul Schumann
  • Vice President – Barbara Crutchfield
  • Secretary – Ashley Crutchfield (Barbara Crutchfield)
  • Treasurer – Paul Schumann
  • Board Member – Carla Doyne
  • Board Member – Sandy Whitney
  • Former President (substitute) – Bob Crutchfield




Mail: Lost Creek Civic Organization, 3300 Bee Cave Rd. Suite 650 #1152, Austin, TX 78746

Introduction to LCCO